APC RBC11 Replacement Battery Cartridge #11 (CSB GP 12170)


Battery Type         AGM, VRLA Sealed Lead-Acid

Voltage                                  24 Volts

Capacity                                 17 Ah

Design Life                            5 Years
Operating Temp.    32° ˜ 104° F / 0° ˜ 40° C
Grid Alloy                  Calcium/Tin Lead Alloy
Plates                                  Flat Pasted
Separator                     Absorbant Glass Mat
Active Material           Very High Purity Lead
Net Weight                              60 Lbs.

2 Battery Cartridge made of 2 x CSB GP 12170 (12v 17 ah) batteries.


• Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Cable

• Two precision 100 Amp Fuses

• Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

• Maintenance-Free Operation

• Heavy Duty Grids for superior performance


NT Power offers the RBC11 replacement battery cartridge that is designed to keep your UPS unit fully functional and protect you from downtime and data loss. Pre-assembled for easy installation and is designed to meet manufacturer specifications and performance standards.

Models Supported: DLA2200J, SU1300RMXLINET, SU1400RMXLNET, SU1400RMXLTNET, SU1400XLTNET, SU2000TNET, SU2200, SU2200BX120, SU2200I, SU2200J, SU2200J3W, SU2200LIX114, SU2200NET SU220RM, SU2200RMXL, SU2200RMXLINET, SU2200RMXLNET, SU2200RMXLTNET, SU2200RMXLTX153, SU2200US, SU2200UXICH, SU2200UXINET, SU2200X106, SU2200X111, SU2200X115, SU2200X179, SU2200X93, SU2200XLI, SU2200XLINET, SU2200XLNET, SU2200XLTENT, SU2200XLTX153, SU2200XLX114, SU220ICH, SU220INET, SU220RMI, SU220RMINET, SU220RMNET, SU220X180, SU220XL, SU3000, SU3000I, SU3000ICH, SU3000INET, SU3000J, SU3000NET, SU3000RM, SU3000RMI, SU3000RMJ, SU3000RMX93, SU3000US, SU3000UXICH, SU3000X177, SU3000XINET, SU3RMINET, SU48XLBP, SUA2200US, SUA24XLBP, SUA3000RMXLI5U, SUA3000RMXLT5U, SUA3000T, SUA3000US, SUA300RMXL5U


✔ 1 year replacement warranty


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