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NationCap International -

NationCap International

China Office

Cell: 183 9651 3126

E-mail: mark@nationcap.com

Address: Bldg C3 Room 719 Wanda Plaza, PuShang Ave 276 Cang Shan Qu Fuzhou shi Fujian sheng China

USA Office

Email: Sale@NTPowerInc.com

Phone: 800-819-781

Toll-Free: 713-636-2904

Address: 9630 Clarewood Dr, Suite D-5 Houston TX, 77036

NT Power INC

NT Power specializes in sales and services for UPS systems. NT Power stocks a variety of inventory of AC & DC Capacitors, Fans, Blower’s. Batteries, for most model’s of UPS’s including Liebert/Emerson, Powerware/Exide, MGE/APC, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, GE, Gutor, C&D, Hindle, Chloride, Best Power, Ametek, SCI, LTI, Cyberex, Peco, Lorain, Lucent, La Marche...

NT Power stocks power and battery modules for APC PX, LX, Symmetra, RM, Powerware 9170, Liebert Nfinity NBATMOD, GTX2, Toshiba 1600 ...

NT Power offer service for installation and maintenance of Industrial UPS systems..


Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Email: Sale@NTPowerInc.com

Phone: 800-819-781

Toll-Free: 713-636-2904

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